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Date Added : 2013-01-16

Title : "I LOVE IT!"

Name : Shiling Thien

Location : Penang, Malaysia

Rating : 5

Review Text :

When I first read this book -- all I can say is "WOW!" Out there, there are books on how to live in God's blessing BUT this is ONE YOU MUST take hold of. If you mean business with God and you want know how to live in the blessings God has ordained for you then this book is for you.

Apostle Les used illustrations and certain of his life experiences to bring it out -- to help us clearly understand "WHY" most time we seem to be "LIVING" in the opposite of blessings and "HOW" we can move and tap into the "every spiritual blessings" God has blessed us with in the heavenly realm in Christ Jesus.

* SPIRITUAL TEMPLATES?? WHAT IS THIS?? This book will tell and show you how to build the right spiritual templates. Our attitudes, our thoughts, our words and actions must change. We need some "spring cleaning" in our own house :D.

* SPIRITUAL TRANSMUTATION?? Bringing forth our "spiritual blessings" from the spiritual realm into the physical world." Can we really? Sound radical? I think so? :D But I am learning to be radical for God. I know one thing - "In God all things are possible if you believe. This truth has been stolen from us "FOR SO LONG" now we must 'GRAB" it back!!

* MINISTRY OF ANGELS? The different type of angels -- how they look like and what are their function. Own personal angel? It's in this book.

You wonder why those sicknesses still come back? Apostle Les, teach how to maintain your healing and walk in "Divine" good health daily. Don't let the devil steal your health. Your health is your wealth.

* WALKING IN PROSPERITY. Can Christian lives in prosperity? Christians have been deceived by lies for so long. No wonder many doesn't want to be Christian because they thought Christians have to live "POOR" and carry their cross around (they have to suffer for Christ- we call humility -- NOW I call it "STUPIDITY!")

I used to think that because I have been taught that!! Now, I am breaking out of it and moving into the realm of prosperity our Heavenly Father has bless us with. We cannot allow the devil to steal our wealth and enjoy it while we as God's children are living in want. NO WAY!!

We cannot tell people our God is a God of blessings if we ourselves doesn't live and experience it!

*SPIRITUAL BIRTHING" out your blessings into the physical world. Clear Illustration and practical steps you can follow.

If you are tired of living in want, in poor health etc this book will bring you to the "The way (Life) of blessings." It's an eye-opener, a blessed book.

Apostle Les, thank you for this book. God bless you.

Date Added : 2010-12-16

Title : I Thought I was the ONLY one teaching this.

Name : Ricardo Butler

Location : Orlando, FL, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Just in the first chapter alone about Ephesians 1:3 and Christ being both in the Spirit and physical realms and the three realms of Phil 2 I have taught on for years.

The [SPIRITUAL] Word MUST become FLESH for the believer to receive the spiritual/heavenly blessings of God!

I'm sorry I am just ecstatic about this. I got to go finish the book and I will be back to comment more.

Love you,

Date Added : 2003-06-04


Name : Beverly Anne Sanchez

Location : Miami, Florida

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I know it was a Divine appointment when I happened onto the GMR web site just a week ago from some where in cyber space. I sought the Lord as to whether He wanted me to read the web site contents. (I never know what to expect when coming on so-called "apostolic" and "prophet" web sites.)

It wasn?t too long before I knew I hit bonanza! After reading the archives, I went to the "GMR store" and prayed as to what the Lord would have me read?."start with The Way of Blessings" immediately came the response. And off I went! And what blessings have already begun to fall within only minutes after I downloaded the first chapter.

This very special ebook consists of twelve individual chapters each comprised of covering every range of "blessing category" imaginable. Beginning with the first chapter, "The Way of Blessing", the author, Apostle Les Crause makes it perfectly clear that God?s Plan for His children is one of blessing and not necessarily deprivation as many have been erroneously taught.

Going into the second and third chapters, Apostle Crause expounds on the "spiritual principles" and "spiritual forces" which are in effect in His universe and how they need to be understood by all His Children if they are to walk in His "blessing Plan" for His Children. These forces are real and need to be activated in order for them to be implemented and brought into play in His grand design.

Of extreme importance, the reader should really delve into the section of "Building Spiritual Templates"?this section alone should move the most erudite psychologist. (Hopefully, it should also help him or her with their own personal deliverance should they incorporate this chapter into their lives as well.) Clearly explained, this chapter alone will begin to bring deliverance to those who are still held captive by the lies of the enemy in their lives, quickly putting them on the path to "inner healing" which only the Precious Holy Spirit can initiate.

There seems no end to the stream of blessings which this little ebook (okay, not so little) will cover once the reader begin to permit the Spirit of the Lord to work on him/her and show the areas which need correction, modifying, adjustments, implementation or simply repentance.

Many times falling back on past experiences from his life no doubt, Apostle Crause continues on with God?s Plan for Blessings covering areas such as the ministry of angels; dealing with curses; receiving healing and walking in Biblical prosperity (it may not be what we thought Saints!)

He goes further than this, he actually demonstrates to the reader how to RECEIVE?.he doesn?t just tell us God blesses - he tells us how to actually receive the blessing! Hallelujah!

Whatever said beforehand, would not bring fruition were it not for the last chapter of the book - and perhaps one of the most important. This chapter entitled "Spiritual Birthing" or "bringing forth the answer" is the piece d?resistance, in this writer?s opinion, and without understanding it; without living it out; and without implementing it when the Holy Spirit says "PUSH", "KEEP PUSHING", the Christian will never be able to birth what God has given him to bring to life in the Kingdom of God?

This ebook is definitely for those only serious in their walk in the prophetic and apostolic move of God. Those who have purposed in their hearts to go on and "do valiantly" for the Lord.

Copyright © 1999-2011 Apostolic Movement International.

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