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The Way of Dreams and Visions Workshop
By Colette Toach
 Type: Book - Large Format (282 pages)
ISBN: n/a

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The Way of Dreams & Visions Workshop

There is a serious need in the Church today for believers to hear from the Lord.

We have all seen how we can be lead astray by not knowing where we should go because we did not get direction from the Lord.

Well, I am here to tell you right now that you no longer have to go running to the nearest prophet so that he can get a vision to tell you what to do. That is because right now, the Lord is talking to you! He is sending you instructions and messages to lead you exactly where He wants you to go.

In this book, Colette Toach will revolutionize everything you have ever thought about vision and dream interpretation.

Perfect for doing with your church or with a home group, this book will not only teach you how to understand the messages the Lord is telling you through your dreams and visions, but it will help you to build up others so that they can hear from the Lord for themselves as well.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • The original The Way of Dreams and Visions teaching audio Mp3 Downloads for you to work through
  • Practical projects that you can do with your group or family
  • How your culture and your likes and dislikes, will change the meaning of a dream or vision
  • The four pointers to accurate dream interpretation
  • The real meaning behind the symbols in your dreams and visions
This Workshop Includes:

The Way of Dreams & Visions Workshop - Perfect for Small Groups or Self-Study

As a resource for small group study or self study, this book is a powerful tool in the hand of every believer.

Not only will you be challenged and tested by the exercises and practical projects, but you will be able to take this workshop and use it to teach the body of Christ how to hear the Lord through dreams and visions.

This workshop includes:

  • Meaty Teaching on Dreams & Visions
  • Practical Projects to Apply Everything You've Learned
  • Challenge Questions
  • Key Principles
  • Group Projects
  • ...and more

MP3 Downloads

For the Travel Minded

Original Teaching from Apostle Colette Toach including the sermons:

  1. Dream Interpretation by the Spirit
  2. Visions: Your Secret Conversations with God
  3. Nightmares, Deception and Demonic Dreams
  4. Interpreting Symbols in Dreams and Visions
  5. Experiencing the Realm of the Spirit
  6. Interpreting for Others
  7. Spiritual Revelation and Discernment

Other Materials on Dreams and Visions

Table of Contents

Part 01 - Dream Interpretation by the Spirit

Lesson 01 - Dream Interpretation by the Spirit

Lesson 02 - Prophetic Dreams

Lesson 03 - External prophetic Dreams

Lesson 04 - Five P's in Dream Interpretation

Part 02 - Visions: Your Secret Conversation With God

Lesson 05 - Visions: Your Secret Conversation with God

Lesson 06 - Three Spiritual Functions

Lesson 07 - Receiving Visions

Lesson 08 - Overcoming Obstacles

Part 03 - Nightmares, Deception and Demonic Dreams

Lesson 09 - Nightmares, Deception and Demonic Dreams

Lesson 10 - The Signs of Deception

Part 04 - Interpreting Symbols in Dreams and Visions

Lesson 11 - Satanic Attack in Dreams

Lesson 12 - Interpreting Symbols in Dreams and Visions

Lesson 13 - Gender and Race in Dreams and Visions

Lesson 14 - Examples of Gender and Race

Part 05 - Experiencing the Realm of the Spirit

Lesson 15 - Experiencing the Realm of the Spirit

Lesson 16 - Visions and Warfare

Lesson 17 - Developing Your Relationship with God

Lesson 18 - Edification of the Body

Part 06 - Interpreting for Others

Lesson 19 - Interpreting for Others

Lesson 20 - Interpreting Internal Dreams

Part 07 - Spiritual Revelation and Discernment

Lesson 21 - Revelation and Discernment

Lesson 22 - Four Pointers for Interpretation

Excerpt: Lesson 2 - The Internal Dream

Part 01, Lesson 02

Exercise: The Internal Dream

Below is an example of an internal dream. Read the dream, then answer the questions.


"I dreamt that I met up with an old boyfriend. In reality we had broken up badly and I was left with a lot of hurts after the break up. Even years later when I thought back on this person, I would get a knot in my stomach and feel like I had failed. I was bitter and it was a memory I did not want to face again.

Yet in this dream he was being very friendly to me. In my dream he was washing my car and was joking around with me. He just did not seem like the same person. In my dream we were just joking around like we had been friends for years. Then I woke up feeling like I had somehow left a load behind."

Identify It!

Use the principles you have learned so far and identify the following points from the given dream. (My own interpretation will be available at the back of the book so that you see if you received anything similar).

1. Why would you say this is an internal dream? What identifies it as one?

2. What were the characters and symbols in the dream?

3. What did the characters and symbols represent in the dream?

Interpret It!

So what do you feel the dream means? Write down your own interpretation and then compare it to my interpretation at the back of the book.


Copyright © 1999-2011 Apostolic Movement International.

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