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Date Added : 2010-12-01

Title : This is the Best of the Best

Name : Ricardo

Location : Orlando, FL USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I have read many apostolic ministries who have tried to put their hands into the pattern of the end time church, but nothing like this. I actually use this book as a standard for laying foundations in the church wherever I am at. The only thing is I contextualize it to the culture that I am reaching out to.

The best part of this book which I believe many have missed it the family section. For some reason people tend to leave out family. That's a vital purpose and foundation in the Church. Paul and Peter taught so much on the family.

This book cannot be surpassed. Maybe it can be broken down into greater detail to strengthen what has already been said, but other than that their is not competition to this. God's hand was all over this one.

This is THEE best book in the AMI catalog. I believe this book sets the standard and tone for every other book.

God bless Les for this book.

Date Added : 2003-07-05

Title : Set Free At Last!

Name : Beverly Anne Sanchez

Location : Miami, Florida USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This is my second review of the publishing works of GMR-Publishing, Apostle Crause's work to be exact.

In reading this ebook, I have to admit, I too jumped for joy and marveled at how the Lord has all these years stirred in my spirit the Way of the future Church.

From a brief but more than adequately sufficient and accurate overview of Church history; all the way to the what is the Church today and what it shall yet be, Apostle Crause has once again tugged at this reader's heart strings in confirmation after confirmation of the Way it ought to be, "it" being of course, the Church triumphant.

With an explaination of the Church's missing ingredient of discipleship, Apostle Les makes it quite clear and in a convincing manner (Scripturally speaking), why it is that by far, today's Church is not only anemic but apparently dead and lifeless.

There simply is no reproduction taking place! No spiritual fathers or mothers birthing spiritual sons and daughters. No women elders teaching the young women and widows how to live a Godly and helpful life to their husbands and/or the elders of the Church. In short there is no birthing taking place, no reproducing of disciples.

Through the Pattern of the Future Church, those who are temporarily or permanently without a "home" church will rejoice when they see just what is the "church", Biblically speaking. Who knows if the Lord Himself has in His mercy kept them "for such a time as this".

This book has for me been a "hope-giver" and an eye opener at I meditate on the "silent years" which God has kept me "hidden" from the "established Church" in preparation and training for the pattern which the future Church will take - and my subsequent ministry to it.

Thank you Apostle Les for being obedient to the Lord and projecting forth this revelation of the Restoration of the Church back to it's Future. May God continue to greatly use you during these times.

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