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Date Added : 2014-04-16

Title : This book will change your life!

Name : Bill Brady

Location : USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book will teach you how to bring freedom to others. Along the way you will be freed yourself. Les Crause gives Scriptural solutions for: hurts, anger, bitterness, fear, guilt, condemnation, and depression. He teaches how to let the Holy Spirit free you from each of these issues. You will find yourself feeling much better after reading this book. These issues will no longer hinder your relationship with the Lord.

Date Added : 2012-04-04

Title : A Gem

Name : Sandile Hlatshwayo

Location : South Africa

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I wrote Germ instead of Gem and when reading that that takes away the Gem the book is. Sorry.

Date Added : 2012-04-04

Title : A Germ

Name : Sandile Hlatshwayo

Location : South Africa

Rating : 5

Review Text :

The book was easy to read and understand. More importantly it was practical and easy to apply in my own life. I would recommend it to every Christian. The book is an excellent book. I believe that a person after being born again they need this book. As we live life outside God there is a lot of junk that we collect that end up holding us in bondage. After being born again we need to be freed from those bondages. The book has certainly freed me. What was interesting was to learn that the root of all our problems is sin and that the taproot is bitterness. The scriptures mentioned I had read them before and they didnít make sense but after reading the book they just made sense. I can recommend this book to every believer as I believe that there are lot of believers who are in bondage and canít seem to break free and this book has a solution to those problems.

An absolute germ. God bless

Date Added : 2012-02-13

Title : Life Change

Name : Birgit Kaufmann

Location : Tuttlingen/Germany

Rating : 5

Review Text :

THE WAY OF FREEDOM is a real treasure.
I can really recommend it.
I have read a lot of christian phychologic
books, but most of them were not very helpful.
Here you get scriptural sollutions.
It is not about getting more head-knowledge.
This book is very practical and talks about subjects
in which most of us struggle:
fear, guilt and condemnation, forgiveness, depression....
No matter in what situation you are at the moment,
God can deliver you.
Just try: read and apply it-
and you will be surprised, how you life will be changed.

Date Added : 2005-01-16

Title : Way of freedom

Name : Suzanne Borsinger

Location : Wald, Switzerland

Rating : 5

Review Text :

The Way of Freedom is at the moment my favourite book. I am so inspired by it that I recommend it wherever I can. If I look back I used to be a shallow and insecure person. To start with I was hesitant to read the book because I knew it would expose all the badness in me. But you know what, reading it and applying the principles in my life transformed me totally. I am not the same anymore. This book helped me in a fast and effective way to break free of bitterness, anger, hurts, guilt & condemnation, fear, depression, self-image and insecurity. If you find yourself struggeling in one or more of these areas, then this book is a must for you.

Date Added : 2004-12-22

Title : The Way of Freedom

Name : Fleman Patrice AKA

Location : Wales, United Kingdom

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I am the son of a farmer. My dad owns plantations of coco and coffee. And at the early age I went to those plantations with my dad. He used to do something that I couldn?t understand at all as a kid. When we got to the plantation He will walk around each coco and coffee tree and would start cutting down some of their big branches with his machete.
I was shocked because those trees looked healthy to me; they were big and had big leaves that looked really green. There was nothing wrong with them. As a kid I thought he was killing the trees, I thought it was a total disaster. I used to be really upset because it was so hard to transport those little plants from the village to the plantation. I spent weeks after weeks to water the seeds and now here he was cutting them down.
But the remarkable thing was that months later, I would notice something amazing. When harvest time came, I would strangely notice those trees that suffered much ?damage? bore more fruits than the others. They carried so much coco and coffee beans that the branches literally bent. That really puzzled me.
But later, as I grew up, my dad started to explain that to me. He said that those branches that He cut were called ?suckers? (shoots from the root or lower part of the stem of a plant) and as such they sucked and all the nutrients that the trees needed to bear fruit. Yet they couldn?t themselves bear fruits. So in other words, they were wasting the nutrients of the plant.
In addition to this they produce too much leaves and catch too much wind and as a result have a tendency to break off in the wind or even cause a weakly rooted plant to topple over in the wind, shortening the plants life. So that?s why my dad needed to cut them down.
In John15, the Lord Jesus said,
1I AM the True Vine, and My Father is the Vinedresser.
2Any branch in Me that does not bear fruit [that stops bearing] He cuts away (trims off, takes away); and He cleanses and repeatedly prunes every branch that continues to bear fruit, to make it bear more and richer and more excellent fruit.
Let me ask you a question. Do you long to honour God and glorify Him? Do you want to bear fruits, excellent fruits in your life? Are you longing for change and transformation?
If your answer is yes, according to the Lord Jesus, you need to allow God to prune you, to cut the suckers and junks off you. Why? Because like the coco and coffee trees, we carry lots of suckers which produce the same effects that they do to plants.
The tragedy is that we cannot see them for what they are. We actually protect them and feed them to grow even stronger.
As a Christian, if your life is not fruitful, then the chances are that you are full of suckers that need to be pruned. Because they are diverting your energy and resources, they are weakening you and stopping you from experiencing the real freedom in the Lord.
So my question to you is, do you want to be free? Do you want to see more fruits in your life and ministry that glorify the Father? If your answer is yes, then this book, THE WAY OF FREEDOM, is what you need.
You may say, ?well I don?t need this, because I have got many other ways such as: psychology, medicine, politics, my own wisdom etc??
Yes, you may have them, but none of them can detect suckers nor prune them efficiently. To prune a tree, you need to recognise which branch is a sucker and which is not. You need also the right equipment to prune them otherwise the situation can be worse and the plant can die.
The way of freedom is the right tool that you need. The bible says that ?you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free?. What truth? The truth about yourself.
The way of freedom is the truth anointed and inspired by the Spirit of truth. The Holy Spirit will use it to dig deeper into your heart and expose all the root causes of the misery in your life. This crucial because ?the human heart is most deceitful and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? But I know, I the Lord search all heart and examine secret motives.?
The Holy Spirit will use it to challenge your walls, barriers and all the things that stop you from walking in freedom. He will use it to address suckers such as, fear, hurt, insecurity, guilt and condemnation, bitterness, anger, depression, etc?
But He won?t stop there!
I told you how my dad used a machete to prune the trees. Guest what, The Holy Spirit has his special kind of machete; the word of God is called the sword of the Spirit.
The way of freedom is that sword that the Spirit wants to use in your life today, because it is 100% biblical and scriptural. He wants to use it to prune you, to cut all the suckers in your life. He won?t just cut them, but He will root them out. And you will experience the true freedom In Christ that you have been searching for so long. You will walk in real freedom and will start bearing fruits for the glory of God as never before.
Having experienced the anointing, the truth and principles contained in this book in my own life, I recommend it to anyone who is longing for real freedom.
It is the best alternative to psychology. The way of freedom is unique and best of its kind in the Christian community.
Any minister of the gospel, anyone involved in counselling, any Christian should have this book.
For as you go through it, the anointing contained in it will change your life for the better and your life will never be the same again.

Date Added : 2004-11-29

Title : Way of Freedom

Name : Coral Leslie

Location : Barbados

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Way of Freedom was life changing for me, every christian need to be able to read this book and apply the teaching to their lives because everyone is affected by depression and need to know how to be free so that they can do the work of the Lord with passion and excitement.
You can also help others to be free also.

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