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Prophetic Foundation (Ebook)
By Les D. Crause
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Get your prophetic calling activated and on track. Increase the gifts, discover your authority. A mentor in a book with an anointing that will propel you to a new level.

This E-book is Volume 1 from the series: The Way of the Prophet.

What This Book Could Do For You:

  • Confirm and activate your calling.

  • Increase your prophetic gifts.

  • Train you for prophetic office.

  • Enable you to be more affective in your church or ministry.

  • Assist you in becoming a prophetic leader.

  • Teach you how to prophesy at a new level of boldness.

  • Teach and impart the ability to flow in all of the visual and vocal gifts.

What This Book Did For Me:

If ever my call was both clarified and activated it was as I sat through the powerful teachings in this book. Often you can walk around for years knowing that God has given you a prophetic call, but never getting that "push" you need in the right direction to see it coming to pass. From the time I went into these teachings my prophetic gifts increased more than ever before as God used these materials to get my ministry moving from the slow lane to the fast lane!

Since then I have had the opportunity to write courses, workbooks and study aides for this series. Yet still after years...every single time I pick up the Prophetic Foundation book, something happens! Once again I notice an increase in the gifts, I start dreaming, getting visions and experiencing the gift of discerning of spirits at a whole new level! Are you looking for that extra something that will get your ministry kick-started? Perhaps you are rearing to go and ready to go to the next level. No matter where you are in your prophetic walk, I make this the end of this book you will not be in the same place you were when you started it!

-Apostle Colette Toach
GMR International Training College

Chapters In The Book


- PART 1: Signs of the Prophetic Calling

1 What is a Prophet?
2 The Beginning Stages
3 The Call and Training Begins
4 Practical Hands-On Training
5 Maturing in the Gifts
6 10 Signs of the Prophetic Calling

- PART 2: The Prophetic Purpose

7 Developing Faith, Hope and Love
8 God’s True Nature
9 Releasing Into Ministry

- PART 3: The Prophetic Gifts

10 Gifts of the Spirit
11 Different Manifestations of the Gifts
12 Practical Use of the Gifts
13 The Prophet and the Gifts

- PART 4: Prophetic Utterance

14 The Timing of Prophetic Words
15 Developing Correct Hearing
16 Types of Words
17 The ‘How’ of Prophetic Words
18 Different Ways of Releasing


Prophetic Foundation.
Excerpt from: Signs of the Prophetic Calling

...In conclusion I want to show you the signs of the prophetic call. As I have shared some of my experiences above you are probably shaking your head and saying, "Yes, I identify, been there, done that. I understand. Yes, I know what he's talking about. Yes, that has happened to me as well." Well, then you have been identifying with the prophetic calling. You have been identifying with the way God prepares His prophets. But here are a few signs to look out for.

Sign No 1 - A Ministry to the Church

Firstly, if God has called you to be a prophet, you have a burning desire in your heart to see the Body of Christ move into what God has for them. The Scripture says that God
has called the fivefold ministry to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, to bring them to the unity of the faith, and to bring them to the place where Jesus can
present it to Himself, a spotless bride without spot or wrinkle. Is that what is burning in your heart? Do you desire God's people to move into the place He has for them? Do you
want to see the church move into a place of perfection, to a place of maturity, to a place of dedication and commitment to God? Do you want to see the Body of Christ
come to that place where the Lord wants them to fellowship with Him and to walk in the light with Him? If that is burning in your heart, the chances are that God has
given you a prophetic call.

Sign No 2 - A Unique Approach

Perhaps God has given you some kind of unique approaches in ministry and you are a bit radical. You might be accused at times of rocking the boat. You are accused at times of being out of order. "We do not do it that way in this church, brother. Just keep your voice down. Just mind your P's and Q's here, please. That is not the way we do things
here." There is a good chance you are a prophet.

Sign No 3 - Swinging the Pendulum

If you are extreme and you go from one end of the pendulum to the other. If your emotions and your feelings swing. If at times it looks as though you are going into deception and you keep missing it badly, then you come back again and you seem to be unstable, it does not mean that you are being deceived. It does not necessarily mean that you are just some flaky character who thinks he is called. The chances are you are going through the turmoil of the preparation of being a prophet of God.

Sign No 4 - Humiliation

If God has called you to be a prophet, you are going to go through the pressure of becoming a servant. I remember what it was like when I did my military service, how they
treated us and berated us. They made us feel so low. I said to somebody one day that if I was to be treated as one of the lowest class servants of the time in that country, it
would be a promotion! I said, "I would love to be one of them right now." When God has called you to be a prophet you are going through worse than basic military training let
me tell you. You will be crunched and brought low, and you will have to learn a spirit of servanthood. You will need to realize that you are going to have to die to self, and you
are going to be humbled. If God has given you the heart to do that and if He has given you the heart to be able to give up all and to humble yourself and be nothing for the sake of the Body of Christ, the kingdom of God, and the call of God. If you are prepared to make that kind of commitment, then perhaps you have what it takes to become a prophet.

Sign No 5 - Singleness of Purpose

You find yourself moving in one direction all the time where it seems that people are being involved in all sorts of different types of ministries, but you keep getting channeled in this one direction all the time. There is a constraining force and you cannot move away from it. If this happens, it could be a sign that the Lord has called you to move into that narrow road that is the ministry of a prophet.

Sign No 6 - Unconscious Revelation

If at times you are ministering to people without even realizing it; if you are speaking forth words of comfort and edification and exhortation and giving people direction and instruction, and afterwards you think, "What made me say that to them?" Or people sometimes say, "Do you know the other day we were talking and you told me that I should do this or that, and you felt this or that was going to happen, you were perfectly correct?" You rack your brain and you think, "I do not remember telling them that." It could be you are a prophet in the making without even knowing it.

Sign No 7 - Allegorical Thinking

You tend to think in pictures and allegories and see things very symbolically. If you are a kind of visionary, and you find at times that you think more in pictures, there is a good chance that you have an orientation towards the Prophetic Ministry.

Sign No 8...


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Date Added : 2012-06-28

Title : Some points to know about my gifts..How can I maximize these

Name : Armando Allere

Location : Saudi Arabia

Rating : 3

Review Text :

Signs of the gifts listed on this book is still manifested on me when I was 3 months old in the walk with the Lord Jesus Christ up to now. I have had extremes experiences desire to minister the gifts of healing with laying hands, almost of the people i touched were fell down on the floor in church or even in any places under the power of the Holy Spirit.

I want more more than that I have had encountered...thanks...

Brother in Christ Jesus..

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