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Prophetic Foundation (E-Book)
By Les D. Crause
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This Book set is Volume 1 from the series: The Way of the Prophet.

What Prophetic Foundation Could Do For You:

  • Confirm and activate your calling.

  • Increase your prophetic gifts.

  • Train you for prophetic office.

  • Enable you to be more affective in your church or ministry.

  • Assist you in becoming a prophetic leader.

  • Teach you how to prophesy at a new level of boldness.

  • Teach and impart the ability to flow in all of the visual and vocal gifts.

What Prophetic Foundation Did For Me:

If ever my call was both clarified and activated it was as I sat through the powerful teachings in this series. Often you can walk around for years knowing that God has given you a prophetic call, but never getting that "push" you need in the right direction to see it coming to pass. From the time I went into these teachings my prophetic gifts increased more than ever before as God used these materials to get my ministry moving from the slow lane to the fast lane!

Since then I have had the opportunity to write courses, workbooks and study aides for this series. Yet still after years...every single time I pick up the Prophetic Foundation book, something happens! Once again I notice an increase in the gifts, I start dreaming, getting visions and experiencing the gift of discerning of spirits at a whole new level! Are you looking for that extra something that will get your ministry kick-started? Perhaps you are rearing to go and ready to go to the next level. No matter where you are in your prophetic walk, I make this the end of this book you will not be in the same place you were when you started it!

-Apostle Colette Toach
AMI Fivefold Ministry School

Signs of Prophetic Calling

Sign 1:
A Ministry to the Church. Your main passion and desire is towards the body of Christ first.

Sign 2:
A Unique Approach. You don't often fit in with the others and have ideas that are radical - kicking against the way things have always been done.

Sign 3:
Swinging the Pendulum. You are ‘unstable’ in that you will swing from one emphasis to the next - ready to change the entire Body of Christ one day, to giving it up the next.

Sign 4:
Humiliation. You have or will face humiliation and humbling - often publicly.

Sign 5:
Singleness of Purpose. Although you swing the pendulum, your desire and call remain constant.

Sign 6:
Unconscious Revelation. You will function in the gifts without even realizing it at first.

Sign 7:
Allegorical Thinking. Even from childhood you have always thought in symbolic terms or in pictures.

Sign 8:
Prayer Orientation. You desire and seek times of prayer often - you are constantly seeking to hear God's voice.

Sign 9:
Bringing God’s Presence Through Music. Although you may not be gifted in music, you have the capacity to release the anointing through music.

Sign 10:
Tough Experiences in Life. You can face tough experiences in life and not be a prophet, but you can not be a prophet if you have not faced tough experiences.


- PART 1: Signs of the Prophetic Calling

1 What is a Prophet?
2 The Beginning Stages
3 The Call and Training Begins
4 Practical Hands-On Training
5 Maturing in the Gifts
6 10 Signs of the Prophetic Calling

- PART 2: The Prophetic Purpose

7 Developing Faith, Hope and Love
8 God’s True Nature
9 Releasing Into Ministry

- PART 3: The Prophetic Gifts

10 Gifts of the Spirit
11 Different Manifestations of the Gifts
12 Practical Use of the Gifts
13 The Prophet and the Gifts

- PART 4: Prophetic Utterance

14 The Timing of Prophetic Words
15 Developing Correct Hearing
16 Types of Words
17 The ‘How’ of Prophetic Words
18 Different Ways of Releasing


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Date Added : 2012-06-28

Title : Some points to know about my gifts..How can I maximize these

Name : Armando Allere

Location : Saudi Arabia

Rating : 3

Review Text :

Signs of the gifts listed on this book is still manifested on me when I was 3 months old in the walk with the Lord Jesus Christ up to now. I have had extremes experiences desire to minister the gifts of healing with laying hands, almost of the people i touched were fell down on the floor in church or even in any places under the power of the Holy Spirit.

I want more more than that I have had encountered...thanks...

Brother in Christ Jesus..

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